About Charming Beads

About Charming Beads

Charming Beads is owned and developed by Something Crafty Ltd. Something Crafty Ltd was founded by myself, Paul Donnelly, back in April 2010, having taken voluntary redundancy from an IT career at Lloyds Bank. I was extremely bored with my 9-5 office job and needed to do something a little different. My wife Denise, who is a mad-keen crafter, suggested I consider selling beads. At first I thought she was joking, but when I actually looked into it I realised just how amazingly popular jewellery making is.

I set about sourcing potential suppliers from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, India, and China. Within no time I had made some large bulk purchases and began setting up Something Crafty as a business.

Because of those existing supply lines, we are able to offer beads to the UK market at very competitive prices, whilst still maintaining a high standard of quality. We appreciate our very loyal customer base that grows on a weekly basis.

After our huge success on eBay, we opened our own ecommerce shop in 2011, www.charming-beads.co.uk, to appeal to non-eBay customers. We have the exact same stock in both stores.

In June 2012, Denise Donnelly joined Something Crafty Ltd as Sales & Marketing Director. Denise brings a whole wealth of experience to the company and helped us to expand further still. Our future plans are to expand into supplies for cardcraft, needlecraft, cakecraft, and any other craft I can think of, hence the name Something Crafty!

In March 2013, we relocated our home and business from Dewsbury, Yorkshire to Monmouth in South-East Wales. This was a massive undertaking, as you can no doubt imagine, but we wanted to live in a nice rural area that was closer to our parents.

Then in September 2014, we moved again into a larger premises as we had big dreams of expansion but were already beginning to burst at the seams. So we moved across town to a much larger warehouse space with extra storage and larger office space along with additional staff.

After initially selling on eBay, we opened our own e-commerce shop in 2011, www.charming-beads.co.uk, to appeal to non-eBay customers. Today, we sell on 14 eBay channels and 6 Amazon channels worldwide in 5 languages. We have the exact same stock across all of these stores and channels.

We also have www.cheekycharms.co.uk, which showcases all of our charms and pendants, along with other products related to making bracelets and necklaces.

I absolutely love my day-to-day activities now. I get so excited when new beads come into stock - especially if we have not sold them before. You could say I have turned into a bead fanatic!

The business began selling Pandora charms before moving into Gemstones and Crystals, offering some of the lowest prices in the UK. Since then we have grown and now offer a wide range of products, but I have a particular love of gemstones and my knowledge of them increases every day. I am forever trying to source new gemstones and shapes at the best prices.

We believe that customer service is of the utmost importance and we work hard every day to maintain our reputation for providing good products at great prices quickly and efficiently. Browse through our testimonials and reviews to see for yourself.

Also, on a personal note, we’d like to thank all those wonderful customers we met in Dewsbury over the first 3 years of our journey and to those we have met and continue to meet in South Wales and around the world. Your ongoing support is invaluable to us and we will continue to work hard and strengthen our bond with you, our loyal customers.

One final thing to say - having come from a corporate background where customer service is king, I have a deep-founded appreciation of what consitutes great service. Give us a try and I promise you will not regret it.

Take care,

Paul xx

Update (June 2015): After starting with Pandora charms and moving into Gemstone beads, we are happy to announce that we are once again selling charms on our site. Over the next few months we will be adding over 3000 Tibetan, Metal and Enamel charms and pendants to our large list of products.

Also, we will be launching a new website dedicated to Charms and all other products related to Charm bracelet and necklace making, such as chain, wire, cords and ribbons. Take a look at http://www.cheekycharms.co.uk/.

Update (Dec 2016): Well it’s been a big year for us at Charming Towers! Most of you may have seen that we have been further expanding our range of products over the last 12 months, with glass, metal, wood and clay beads, cord and threads in many more materials and styles, Stamping Blanks, more Craft Wire and more charms to name a few.

As a result, we are happy to reveal that we have been racking up records sales days quietly regularly in the run up to Christmas, which also means getting more hands on deck as we now employ 14 members of staff, not including my wife and I. It really has been a great year and we thank all of our customers for making it so special!

Our four-part promise:

  • We will help you stand out from the crowd by offering something a little bit different from other shops.
  • All our products have been carefully selected for you to create quality jewellery at affordable prices.
  • We take extreme care with our packaging so that your items arrive to you in perfect condition.
  • Above all we put your need first and provide you with an excellent customer experience.

Feel free to message me as I love "talking shop" with fellow bead-a-holics when I have the time. I'm also receptive to suggestions and requests. See just how to do this on our Contact Us page.

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