Crafting brings us great joy and we adore sharing that with you and helping you on your crafting journey. So when we heard about Children's Art Week from the 27th June to the 3rd July run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, we had to gather our terrific tutorials to give kids the opportunity to rejoice in creating. Dive in and explore how you can share an incredible experience of crafting your children's imagination into reality. From Fuse Beads to Kumihimo Macrame Cord and beyond we have a stunning selection of products for your kids to get stuck into, just click here to discover a world of pure crafting. What are you waiting for?

Fuse Bead Brooch TutorialFuse Bead Brooch Tutorial

Embrace the magic of myth with our adorable unicorn brooch. Perfect for animal lovers, you can adopt your own into your look with our super easy-to-follow tutorial. Ideal for giving children hours of crafting joy and their very own unicorn they can bring with them anywhere. Click here to find out more.

Weave your magic with our Kumihimo Macrame Cord Bracelet Tutorial to create your own beautiful bracelet. Ideal for giving children hours of crafting joy, either for them to create a piece for themselves to cherish or as father's day is coming up why not create a marvellous gift crafted to show how much they care? Find out more here.

Kumihimo Macrame Cord Bracelet TutorialKumihimo Macrame Cord Bracelet Tutorial
Egg Shaped Decoration TutorialEgg Shaped Decoration Tutorial

Decorative eggs are super versatile and you can create one for any season. Grab your glue and get stuck in. This little beauty grew from a flower theme, or feel festive and get ready for Christmas. Click here to find out more.

Using just a few beads and elastic there are no specialist tools required, simply thread on your beads and charm (if you want to use one) tie a knot and you have an instant bracelet! Quick and easy way to get your kids into crafting but the possibilities are endless. Find out more here

Two Minute Stretchy Bracelet TutorialTwo Minute Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial
Keyring TutorialKeyring Tutorial

Want your children to enjoy creating an awesome keyring? Or do you want a simple make for your kids to craft with care to create a meaningful gift for a loved one? Then this is the ideal tutorial for you. You can create any combination of beads, keyring and cord, the possibilities are endless! Except for a pair of scissors to cut your cord to size, you won't need any tools to create your own keyring. Click here to find out more.

Do your kids want a stacked or wrapped look in their bracelets? Memory wire is the answer. Our super quick, easy-to-follow tutorial will have them creating their own Memory Wire Bracelets in minutes. Find out more here.

Super Quick Memory Wire TutorialSuper Quick Memory Wire Tutorial
How To Use A Necklace BlankHow To Use A Necklace Blank

Using necklace blanks is one of the simplest ways to create a bespoke look without any tools! Simply have your children choose their blank, then their pendant and hey presto an instant necklace. Click here to find out more.

We hope these tutorials spark many hours of crafting fun. Happy crafting