Over this Easter weekend, we're having an Easter Scavenger Hunt! From 12am Good Friday (15th April) to midnight Easter Sunday (17th April) eggcellent little white rabbits will be hopping into action across our site.

Win a £5 gift card by being one of the first 20 people to follow the 10 clues we'll put up over the weekend to find 10 characters that make up a code. Our bunnies will be hiding out with the characters. Message us the code via the Contact Us page on our website or Direct Message us on Facebook or Instagram to win. To be eligible you must have placed an order with us in the last six months. If you haven't there's no need to worry. Just place an order with us before you send us the code.

Our white rabbits have been busy and brought more clues, so here are the first six.

1 I am a rosey chip off the old block.

2 Look to be inspired to hang out with these calorie-free treats.

3 GOW find a blog about this chemical compound......Mmmmmmm

4 Make a point to read all about these Perks.

5 This product will wrap you up in 0.03 inches of silver glory.

6 Lift your spirits and hug it out with this National Day Blog.

Check back here tomorrow when the bunnies will bring the last four clues. Don't miss out!

Easter Scavenger HuntEaster Scavenger Hunt