This week we take a look at one of the lesser-known and rarer gemstones in our range – phenomenal Pietersite!  It's pleasingly perfect to look at and we are positive you will share our passion for this stone even if you have never heard of it previously.


Pietersite displays and incredibly pretty and natural palette of colours with shades of rusty red and gold amongst the predominant buff browns and slate blues. When you look at Pietersite, you cannot help but think of a raging thunderstorm because of its mesmerising beauty and captivating colours, leading to its nickname the "Tempest Stone".


This stone is exceedingly rare and only has two known localities, with only one of them still being active. In the 1993 a small pocket of Pietersite was discovered in the Hunan Province of China but the mine was closed a few years later due to the mineral being mined out. It is now only available from Windhoek, Kunene Region, Namibia.


Pietersite was discovered in 1962 by Sidney "Sid" Pieters at a farmland in South West Africa (now Namibia), and the stone is named after him.  


Pietersite is used exclusively as a gemstone and is offered in a cabochon form or table cut and processed into beads. More recently you can find some wonderful ornaments on the market.


Pietersite has a chemical formula of SiO2 and is a brecciated (fractured) form of Chalcedony (Riebeckite with Limonite) with embedded fibres of Amphibole minerals with varying degrees of alteration. These fibres cause a ‘chatoyancy’ like that seen in Tiger's Eye, but Tiger's Eye is not made of Chalcedony (Microcrystalline Quartz), it is a Macrocrystalline Quartz. Pietersite is sometimes described as a breccia rock of Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye, but it is neither!


Pietersite is considered to be a very powerful crystal that activates and unlocks one’s solar plexus and third eye chakras. When these two chakras are unified, endless opportunities and outcomes should arise. Pietersite is thought to reactivate one’s personal will and reignite the fire from deep within. Its embers are said to be roaring full of drive, focus, determination, and undeniable desire.