How about two gemstones for the price of one? Ruby In Zoisite is exactly what you would imagine – Rubies encased by Zoisite. With such a unique and pretty combination of colours, this gemstone truly is a gift from nature! There are lots of other gemstone duos that we will feature in our Gem Of The Week series, but we doubt there is another as stunning as this one.


Ruby In Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, is a powerful combination of two minerals! The alternative name of Anyolite is derived from the Masai word for 'green' (anyoli). Other name variations include just “Ruby Zoisite” and "Tanganyika Artstone". Depending on its primary constituents, it can vary in colour, pattern, and hardness. Zoisite provides the vivid green colour while Ruby inclusions give it pink and red highlights. 


India is the biggest producer of this lovely combination gemstone. It is also found in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.


Ruby In Zoisite was first discovered near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in 1949. Tom Blevins though he had discovered one of the largest Ruby deposits in the world, but soon realised the opaque rubies were contained within a green matrix of Zoisite. In 2010 a 2Kg ‘Ruby’ known as the “Gem of Tanzania”, owned by the now defunct Wrekin Construction Co in Shropshire, was fraudulently valued at £11 million to prop up the company’s balance sheet. It turned out to be a specimen of Ruby In Zoisite that eventually sold for £8000!


Today, Ruby In Zoisite it is one of the most colourful ornamental gemstones available.  The abundance of the gemstone material thankfully makes it very affordable even in larger sizes. Although it is not fine Ruby, it has found its own real purpose in carvings, cabochons and beads.


Zoisite's hardness ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the MOHs scale, whereas Ruby has a hardness of 9. It Ruby In Zoisite also often contains black spots of Hornblende inclusions meaning it’s usually a 3 in 1 gemstone, but shhhh … let’s not complicate things too much!


Ruby In Zoisite is a sought-after meditation stone. It is said to aid inter-dimensional travel for those people who wish to practice astral projection. With the alignment of the root, heart and third eye chakras, it is thought to allow for intense experiences that fill oneself with knowledge. Sapphire is considered a stone that harmonizes well with Ruby In Zoisite and allows for a full expansion of the mind and contact with one’s spirit guides.

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