Each year on 19th November it is Internation Men's Day when the positive value that men bring to our world, their families and communities is celebrated worldwide. We all have men in our lives that deserve to be celebrated so we couldn't resist bringing some of our products out to play. But it is not just limited to a celebration, it aims to highlight positive male role models and also to raise awareness of men’s well-being. One of the fundamental aims of International Men’s Day is to improve gender relations, which is the ways in which a culture or society defines the responsibilities, rights, and identities of men and women in relation to one another. While also promoting gender equality for both men and women. In 2021 the theme of the day is “Better relations between men and women.”

Recognising individual masculine souls and how we can fit together is the heart of International Men's Day, which had us bring our Steampunk Cog Pendants which go incredibly well with our Onyx Beads.