Suspicious beliefs rampant in some cultures paint black cats as bad luck, which tragically means they are more likely to be put to sleep or have to wait a long time to be adopted from a shelter. We and our pawesome cat charms don't understand it. Though it might explain their adorable attitude... 

National Black Cat Day was launched to show people how black cats could be the perfect feline for them. People celebrate by sharing pictures of their black cats. So we've let our fabulous Cat Charms out to play amongst our stunning Cat's Eye Cabochons and Beads as they've left paw prints on our hearts.

These little fellas put their paw down, and we relented laying out some blooming lovely Acrylic Flower Cabochons for them. Take a look below.

Luckily not all press about black cats is bad. In sailing lore having a black kitten aboard a ship is said to calm the wind and sea. If a Black Cat visits your B&B, inn or hotel in England you are encouraged to welcome the cat as they will bring more patrons. Not to mention in England it is believed that if a black cat walks in front of you they will take your troubles with them.

Whilst in Scotland it’s believed placing black kittens on your porch attracts positive events and allays misfortune. Further afield in both space and time in early America they believed black cats had magical powers in their bones that attracted good fortune and power.

Pop culture has shown black cats as as wonderful companions as our Cat Charms. There's Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Luna the cartoon cat from Sailor Moon and who can forget the sacrastic, brilliant Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus! 

Our Cat Charms embody the wonderful character of black cats so we couldn't resist sharing their wonderful frolic amongst our products.