Despite some people considering squirrels a nuisance, we couldn't resist unearthing our adorable squirrel charms and helping them forage for our acorn charms. In 2001 Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist founded Squirrel Appreciation Day in order to inspire kinder attitudes towards squirrels. You can join in the squirrel appreciation by setting out food and water for them. Or you can adopt our squirrel charms.

When burying their nuts and seeds for later, squirrels assist with forest renewal. 74% of the nuts they bury they never recover. While as much as 25% of their cached nuts are lost to thieves, the rest of the never recovered nuts and seeds grow into trees meaning each squirrel contributes to renewing their local forest.

We're showing our appreciation by letting our squirrel charms out to play amongst our Chrysoprase, Bowenite and Smoky Quartz Chip Beads.