Each 30th November is St Andrew's day. This year to celebrate the patron saint of Scotland we've created the Scottish flag out of our fabulous Freshwater Pearls, Moonstone and Selenite Beads on our wonderful Blue Non-Woven Felt Sheet. But St Andrew is also the patron saint of Romania, Russia, Poland, Greece and Ukraine. We don't know a great deal about Andrew. It is believed he was born sometime between 5AD and 10AD in what is now Israel. He and his brother Simon Peter lived in Galilee and were fishermen. They were both chosen by Jesus to be part of his 12 disciples. Some of our brilliant Fish Charms are swimming along our Scottish flag to hark back to his fisherman roots.

Although St Andrew never stepped foot in Scotland he was officially named their patron saint in 1320. There's some debate on why he was named their patron saint. It is said he appeared to King Angus in a dream in the 9th century promising him victory as he prepared for a battle against the English. On the day of the battle an X appeared in the sky, he vowed if they won St Andrew would be made their patron saint and that's what happened. That is why an X-which is St Andrew's symbol-is on the Scottish flag.

Some argue St Andrew's relationship with the Scots goes back further with mythology claiming Scottish people are descended from an ancient population called the Scythians, they lived on the Black Sea (that is now Romania and Bulgaria), and St Andrew converted them to Christianity. Either way, he is their patron and saint and we hope you have an incredible St Andrew's day.