We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! All of us at Charming Beads are thankful for you guys so we had to share a delicious spread of our delectable Food Charms, the sight of them with our yummy Mixed Colour Banded Agate Beads infuse us with joy. Something we just had to parade today.

Today Thanksgiving has lost a lot of its religious significance to many households in America. Instead, it is a day to have a bountiful meal with your loved ones with parades becoming a key aspect of many people's Thanksgiving celebrations. So look below for a parade of a charming meal to last.

Now the three-day festival and celebratory feast the Pilgrim's had to celebrate their first successful harvest in America due to the help of a Native American, Squanto,(in November 1621) is considered the first Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving did not become a national holiday in America until 1863. When President Abraham Lincoln, in the midst of the civil war, proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day was to be held each November. 

We know Thanksgiving is an American holiday but the sentiment at the core of modern Thanksgiving, celebrating what we are thanksful for, is universal and something we love to celebrate.