Science is an intrinsic part of our society and so World Science Day For Peace And Development was started by UNESCO in 2001. For 20 years it has highlighted the importance of the role of science and scientists fin creating and maintaing sustainable societies. Aiming to show the general public the relevance of science in their lives and to engage them in discussions. Through doing this a unique perspective on the global search for peace and development is cultivated.

Our knowledge of science has led to us having the stunning selection of crafting supplies avaliable to us, from the discovery of materials to methods of transporting them to us so we can help you in your crafting journey.

Insects are important in part of our ecosystem which is vital in building climate-ready communities(this year's theme). So we've let our new adorable Bee and Lady Bug Wooden Cabochons stretch their wings. They're flying high with our new incredible Beige Maifanite Fossil Crinoid Grade A Beads.