Orange Moonstone Grade A Chip Beads 6mm-10mm Strand Of 95+ Pieces CB36485

Product Code: CB36485


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More Information
Medium Strand
Product Quantity 95+
Material Moonstone
Finish Smooth
Gemstone Grading Grade A
Main Colour Orange
Product Type Beads
Size 6mm-10mm
Bead Shape Chip
Hole Size 1mm
Hole Style Fully Drilled
Drill Hole Orientation Across the Middle
Cut Type Handcut
Strand Length Circa 40cm
A strand of 95+ beads. Made from Moonstone and are orange in colour. These smooth chip beads are handcut. They are 6mm-10mm in size with a fully drilled 1mm hole across the middle. Actual product colour may vary dependant on screen capabilities & settings.

Moonstone is the most well-known Gemstone variety of orthoclase feldspar, a potassium aluminium silicate, known historically as "adularia". Moonstone is known to exhibit a distinct sheen under certain lighting conditions, and it is this sheen which renders Moonstone one of the most remarkable Gemstones available today. In fact, its name is owed to the almost magical, blue and white shimmer it exhibits, which closely resembles that of the moon. Gemologists refer to the shimmering optical phenomena as 'adularescence'.
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